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Torrance Clinics 22525 Maple Ave # 102 Surgilite Bariatric Management (Surgilite) is an information and referral source for morbidly obese individuals (BMI of 40) considering bariatric (weight loss) surgical treatment. This is done through a comprehensive approach that includes initial screening, providing preliminary information to assist patients in understanding the importance of treating obesity, a chronic disease with multiple and complex causes that is ineffectively treated by non-surgical medical and dietary intervention. Torrance CA Clinics Surgi Lite Medical Group www.surgilite.com surgilite bariatric surgery weightt loss torrance palos verdes pv los angeles obese morbidly obese bmi bmi calculator surgilite bariatric surgery weightt loss torrance palos verdes pv los angeles obese morbidly obese bmi bmi calculator Business Reviews Surgi Lite Medical Group Testimonials

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Surgi Lite Medical Group Reviews

Debbie Glasow reviewed on Surgi Lite Medical Group

business listing rating It's been over 6years since my surgery. I've lost 100lbs. and have kept it off. This year I had the excess skin removed.The positive side is of course I look so much better, I feel great, my medical issues are gone and life is awesome. I am now 56 years young, I felt older 6 years ago. I now wiegh 150 lbs. not prefect but a whole lot better than I was. I am about 20 lbs heavier than I should be, If I lose it great and if I don't that's great too. I never forget how I was, I weigh often, I keep my weight in check. I have a five pound leeway, that I work with ,never to go over my limit. This works for me. I am able to eat fairly normal with a small amount of limitations.
The downfall was an extreme iron loss. I do not retain Iron. After learning to deal with that small item by taking iron plus vitamins, I have it under control. This is a small thing to do for such a huge improvement in my life. Thank You Surgilite posted on Friday, March 18, 2011

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