BORE TECH, Cylinder repair specialists and performance engine builders for modern and vintage motorcycles.

Welcomt to Bore Tech, we are Motorcycles and Motor Scooters-Rpr and Svc serving Batavia area, OH. Visit us at 5977 Hutchinson Rd, Batavia, OH, 45103-9547 viewed so far 2598 times. View Location Bore Tech. motorcycles and motor scooters rpr and svc -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Bore Tech reviews

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Bore Tech
5977 Hutchinson Rd
OH 45103-9547

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Bore Tech Reviews

Tony Bettinger reviewed on Bore Tech

business listing rating I took a wheel to bill to get laced and trued quoted me about 50.00 said ok.Took the wheel to bill his daughter called me told me wheel was done and bill went ahead and cleaned the hub also! I didnt ask for such service that took the bill to 122.00,70.00 more than quote.I told bill i would meet him in the middle of the cost, like 65.00 i thot then proceed's to tell me well i get 75.00 to true and lace a wheel. So my advice if you are going to deal with Bore Tech GET IT IN WRITING OR YOU WILL GET SCREWED! I have done buisness with bill for 15 year's or more not anymore that ruined it for me. And word of mouth is best busness so i intend to share it!You dont do work without customer approvel never! Hope this warn's people that read this. posted on Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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