Welcomt to Unger Fabrik LLC, we are Fabrics-Wholesale serving Los Angeles area, CA. Visit us at 2010 E 15th St, Los Angeles, CA, 90021-2823 viewed so far 3378 times. View Location Unger Fabrik LLC. fabrics wholesale -- Tuesday, July 12, 2011 Unger Fabrik LLC reviews

Location Address:
Unger Fabrik LLC
2010 E 15th St
Los Angeles,
CA 90021-2823

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Phone: 2137460422
Email: ********@montereycanyon.com
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Unger Fabrik LLC Reviews

Jane Doe reviewed on Unger Fabrik LLC

business listing rating If you're looking for a job and want to work at a place where you have no lunch and are expected to work until 9PM every day then this would be the place for you to work. They pride themselves on complete chaos and the lack of direction from their designers. The designers expertise is actually demeaning motivation for their team members. This company needs a slap on the hand from the EEOC! posted on Friday, December 24, 2010

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