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Location Address:
Sauder Worship Seating
930 W. Barre Road
Ohi 43502

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Phone: 8005371530
Fax: 419-446-4945
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Archbold Church Furniture Manufacturers 930 W. Barre Road Sauder Worship Seating is the leading worship furniture supplier in North America, with proven excellence in product quality, durability, price, and value. We are the industry's most trusted source for the right product to fit your needs, the knowledge you need to make the right decision, and the services you deserve surrounding the sale.

We have extensive collections of pews, benches, chairs and platform furniture for churches, synagogues, courtrooms, and funeral homes. We are a strong player in auditorium seating and are continually innovating in all categories of seating for our markets. Archbold Ohi Church Furniture Manufacturers Sauder Worship Seating church pews church benches church furniture church pews church benches church furniture Business Reviews Sauder Worship Seating Testimonials

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Sauder Worship Seating Reviews

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