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Burro Canyon Shooting Park Reviews

Anthony reviewed on Burro Canyon Shooting Park

business listing rating On the afternoon of November 26, 2010 I visited Burro Canyon Shooting Range for what I believed would be a pleasant afternoon of shooting fun along with two friends.

After paying our range fees, purchasing a target, having our ammunition and weapons checked, we proceeded to begin firing our rifles down range. About 10 minutes after we began firing another range officer named Ed came by and began looking through our ammunition and advising us of policies while the line was hot and after we informed him that we had already been given the green light on our eight rifles and ammunition.

The range officer then decided to linger around behind us informing us once again that we could not use shotguns or handguns at the rifle range. I then informed him that we had already been advised of this policy and that for this reason our shotguns were in the trunk of the car and our handguns were inside our ammo bags on the floor and not on the firing line.

The range officer then stepped back again and continued observing us while we continued to fire down range. He then stepped forward again while the line was hot and asked us to stop firing at our target because it had broken. I advised him that the target was purchased and that we did not care if it broke because that was the point of purchasing it and firing at it along with bowling pins which we had also previously purchased for the same reason. He then became very irate and advised us to give him one of our magazines as a condition to continue to be allowed to shoot our rifles. When I refused to hand over a magazine he ordered us to leave the range. Ed proceeded to call the office upstairs and advised them that we were just a bunch of 'yahoos'. He then accused us of leaving trash on the range even though he had no evidence or reason to accuse us of doing so since the line was hot and we still could not head back out to retrieve and reposition our targets. When I asked him why he was being so unreasonable he said that he had a hunch and was acting based on his hunch. I told him he should base his actions on facts rather than hunches.

I proceeded to speak with management of Burro Canyon regarding this incident after packing up our weapons but before leaving the premises. I felt it would be welcomed feedback and something would be said. I also requested a refund since we were not allowed to use the facilities and had been unreasonably and incorrectly asked to leave. Management was not concerned about the incident even after I informed the manager that their employee had lost his temper and resorted to name calling which I found to be dangerous considering the type of business they are in. Management did say that they had received a couple of other complaints about Ed that day and that they would speak with him. However they refused to refund our money and seemed very annoyed at our complaints. I informed management that after being a loyal and faithful customer of Burro Canyon for the past 15 years it was disappointing to see that a legitimate customer complaint was being so simply brushed aside.

I find it more disturbing to see the stance that management has taken regarding this matter than the actions of their disgruntled range officer. I would have hoped that this was an isolated incident but just observing managements non-chalant attitude towards this very serious matter indicates otherwise, and therefore I felt the need to share this information with my fellow gun enthusiasts and consumers.

Good Luck Burro Canyon Shooting Range!
posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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