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California Rewire Reviews

Stuart Kopple reviewed on California Rewire

business listing rating I will never use this company again! I took my car there with a burnt out wire at the recommendation of my transmission shop. They completely missed the problem and told me that I had to have the transmission pulled to replace a sensor. When I took it back to the transmission shop they opened the hood and showed me the burnt wire and I had to go to another shop that replaced the burnt wire. I DO NOT recommend this company! They will not reverse the charges they put on my card to tell me something that was not true. California Rewire should have fixed the wiring problem; or at least they should have refunded the inspection fees; because of their error. The transmission shop is surprised at them missing the real problem and will no longer recommend them. posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John Mullen view on California Rewire

business listing rating Cal Rewire saved my car and saved me $200+. I have a Dodge Magnum SRT8 and got in my car to go to dinner, the shifter wouldnt come out of park. Im a bit of a mechanic and thought the shift lock wasnt getting signal from the brakes. I changed the brake switch and no go. A friend said to call Cal Rewire and see if they can fix it. Long story short they immediately knew the problem on my car was a bad shifter and a new part wouldnt be reliable. They knew of a fix that could do a permanent repair an get me going without having to buy a $175 shifter or wait a week for a new part. Car works great and I know that this certain issue wont happen again since the new shifter has the same problem. posted on Friday, June 24, 2011

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