Welcomt to Casco Industries, we are Storm Windows and Doors-Manufacturers serving South Elgin area, IL. Visit us at 540 Division St, South Elgin, IL, 60177-1155 viewed so far 3339 times. View Location Casco Industries. storm windows and doors manufacturers -- Monday, April 25, 2011 Casco Industries reviews

Location Address:
Casco Industries
540 Division St
South Elgin,
IL 60177-1155

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Casco Industries Reviews

James Gannon reviewed on Casco Industries

business listing rating have all casco windows in a 4 yr. old condo. had a window lose it's seal. cloudy inside.after a 2 1/2 month back and forth, agreed to replace the window unit. installation was my responsibility. charged $50 to my credit card on dec. 8 to pay for shipping, told me would be here within a week. it's now jan.10,2011 and still have not received. in the mean time, with further cold weather, have spotted fog in middle of two more windows, so seal has been lost on some more. posted on Monday, January 10, 2011

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