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Advantage Auto Stores
2113 E Washington St
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Advantage Auto Stores Reviews

Melike reviewed on Advantage Auto Stores

business listing rating It really dpeends on the age and value of the car.If you are driving a car that you couldn't easily replace if it got totaled then keep the full coverage insurance. That is what it's for.But if you are driving around a car that you could replace at low cost then why pay for all that coverage. The money you save on insurance could be used to purchase a replacement car if it gets wrecked. In other words, why pay $ 2400 a year for full coverage insurance on a car that is only worth $ 5000. But if your car is worth $ 20,000 then spending $ 2400 for replacement coverage is a pretty smart plan.Keep the insurance costs in line with the value of the vehicle. posted on Monday, March 05, 2012

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