Welcomt to American Energy Systems, we are Heating Equipment-Manufacturers serving Hutchinson area, MN. Visit us at 150 Michigan St SE, Hutchinson, MN, 55350-1913 viewed so far 2026 times. View Location American Energy Systems. heating equipment manufacturers -- Friday, April 11, 2008 American Energy Systems reviews

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American Energy Systems
150 Michigan St SE
MN 55350-1913

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Email: ************@magnumheat.com
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American Energy Systems Reviews

Vogel reviewed on American Energy Systems

business listing rating My mother bought one Magnum corn and pellit stove model# 3500p serial #102811 from the corn crib store in farwell Mi. when she sent the warrinty in they told her that stove was listed under some one els's name and that they cant warrinty a used stove. The stove was sold to her as a new stove. we were unaware of this and the sales man never informed us of this. I have asked around and this isnt any thing new to people around this area.The thing i want to know is are all your dealers this crooked? I have had severil problums with this stove this year. we bought this stove in march of 2010 posted on Monday, January 10, 2011

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