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Community Health Ctr Ntwrk Reviews

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business listing rating 1st of all ,I like this piece and think more like it should be wrtietn by other leaders,and what I'm about to share is only my opion .One of the things that caught my eye when I saw your status on Facebook was that you researched for your denomination about this topic,I think that is the primary concern that causes confusion in the Body of Christ,denominations presents groups,that form their own views ,that causes controversies,that brings about confrontation ,that creates division,that eliminates any opportunity of unification that could bring any resemblance of a body that's working cohesively to build hope for people in dire straights.As long as the the enemy causes these issues in the church ,there can never be real productivity to command change and restore hope ,that gives sinners a chance for salvation,NOTHING PERSONAL ,JUST MY OPION posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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