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Uzma Waqar reviewed on Cross Country Pipeline Supply

business listing rating Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference to the above mentioned subject, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves that M/s
Jeevasons is serving the oil and Gas industry of Pakistan for the last 10 years and now become the leading
service and equipment providing company among the other good ones.

We have strong references and links in all production companies and refineries of the country as well
as good references in govt departments related to the industry, we understand that there is a lot more
potentional in this country due to its geographic presence in the region and energy rich lands. We also
have information that our country will become the energy corridor of Asia in the coming years.

For the upcoming business we need some good companies having specialized products and
experienced working team, we are presenting our selves to your company as your business
development representative in the country to bring lot of business enquires through our network in the
industry and develop strong business relationship in the future.

We have an inquiry about pipe fitting accessories. Please send us your product catalog and price quotation. How soon you can deliver product to us its on urgent bases.

Waiting for your reply.

posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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