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Welcomt to Argee Manufacturing Co, we are Plastics-Products Nec (Manufacturers) serving Santee area, CA. Visit us at 9550 Pathway St, Santee, CA, 92071-4169 viewed so far 3229 times. View Location Argee Manufacturing Co. plastics products nec manufacturers -- Friday, November 19, 2010 Argee Manufacturing Co reviews

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Argee Manufacturing Co
9550 Pathway St
CA 92071-4169

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Benjamin reviewed on Argee Manufacturing Co

business listing rating Their solar lighting products don't last for more than 1 year as the plastic lens material is not UV light resistant - they begin to crack allowing water to penetrate the light module. After 1 year the plastic lens begins to crumble into a granular substance.

When you tell them about the problem, they say that their 'engineers' claim that the product must have been abused or installed improperly - please! I am a building inspector and an engineer and their product would be hard to abuse or install improperly as they are simple solar accent lights with no wiring. posted on Saturday, March 05, 2011

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