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Boise Gun Co
4105 Adams St
ID 83714-6363

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Phone: 2083764440
Fax: 2084290231
Email: *********
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Boise Guns and Gunsmiths 4105 Adams St Boise Gun Company stocks a minimum of 3,000 modern and antique firearms on their show floor at all times. Boise ID Guns and Gunsmiths Boise Gun Co Business Reviews Boise Gun Co Testimonials

Boise Gun Co Reviews

Jesse reviewed on Boise Gun Co

business listing rating I rate this place a zero. very disorganised. I sold them a gun that the owner agreed to sell back to me a couple weeks later. I have been trying for WEEKS to buy the gun back but they cant seem to locate it and dont even know for certain if they sold it or not. The place is a joke and most of thier guns are overpriced. posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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