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Welcomt to Brent and Sams Cookies, we are Cookies and Crackers-Manufacturers serving N Little Rock area, AR. Visit us at 30 Collins Industrial Pl, N Little Rock, AR, 72113-6555 viewed so far 2238 times. View Location Brent and Sams Cookies. cookies and crackers manufacturers -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Brent and Sams Cookies reviews

Location Address:
Brent and Sams Cookies
30 Collins Industrial Pl
N Little Rock,
AR 72113-6555

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Email: ***************@brentandsams.com
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Brent and Sams Cookies Reviews

Shawn Wilks reviewed on Brent and Sams Cookies

business listing rating This response is from a true honest buyer!!! I live in BALLWIN ,MO. I stopped at my local MARSHALS store to search for gift ideals.I Went down the food section I saw so many yummy things,but this nice cookie box caught my eye and of course the name MILK CHOCOLATE COCONUT CRUNCH did catch my eye. I love all of that!!! Well this is suppose to be a gift not for me! I bought them.Very resonable prise at MARSHALLS $3.99 dont know about anyware else. To make a long story short,I was wrapping gifts spotted the cookies and said, I would wrap them last.I ENJOYED THEM WHILE MY KITTENS WATCHED ME STRETCHED OUT ON MY COUCH.THESE COOKIES WILL MAKE YOU NOT WANT TO STOP!! I WENT TO SLEEP SNACKING ON THEM AND WOKE UP SNACKING ON THEM.RICH IN EVERY INGREDIANT YOU TASTE LIKE NO CORNERS WERE CUT,NO INGREDIANTS SPARED, LIKE MANY COOKIES WE TASTE THESE DAYS. THATS ALL A TRUE BUYER HAS TO SAY........ p.s I feel bad about who they were going to,but yummy. posted on Saturday, December 18, 2010

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