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Welcomt to C Barry Zimmerman Trustee, we are Trustees serving Coeur D Alene area, ID. Visit us at 601 E Sherman Ave # 5, Coeur D Alene, ID, 83814-2770 viewed so far 3861 times. View Location C Barry Zimmerman Trustee. trustees -- Friday, February 18, 2011 C Barry Zimmerman Trustee reviews

Location Address:
C Barry Zimmerman Trustee
601 E Sherman Ave # 5
Coeur D Alene,
ID 83814-2770

Contact C Barry Zimmerman Trustee

Phone: 2086646100
Fax: 2086644737
Email: *********@immunotec.com
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C Barry Zimmerman Trustee Reviews

George E Lyles reviewed on C Barry Zimmerman Trustee

business listing rating Barry , your office has always sent out a itimized review of the funds I send you every month .. Last years came in December and I haven't received 2010 in the mail as of yet ..
Is that something you have stop doing .. I am filing my taxes next week and your itemized statement is usually here by now ..
Another question I have is last year you kept a portion of my tax return to pay off the balance of the 2008 taxes that were filed outside and after I had filed my chapter 13..
You stated it was the last year you would be keeping ,and all the other balances fall under my backruptcy ..
Does this mean I will received my entire return this year ???
It will be substancial and we really need the money for necessary items that need repair and updating around our home and auto's

George Lyles /Yolanda Rosales

posted on Friday, January 28, 2011

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