Welcomt to Firm International Group Inc, we are Lingerie-Manufacturers serving Miami area, FL. Visit us at 712 NW 76th Ave, Miami, FL, 33126-2917 viewed so far 5670 times. View Location Firm International Group Inc. lingerie manufacturers -- Thursday, June 16, 2011 Firm International Group Inc reviews

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Duane Hostetler reviewed on Firm International Group Inc

business listing rating I have been searching for someone (company) that I felt I could trust with an idea that I have been developing over the last several years! I have recently perfected this garment to the point to where I was ready to seek a manufacturer as well as business partner! I was researching companies for what might be a potential competitor and/or similar products, when I contacted SONYA from, after speaking to her about several items in your line of products,I felt very confident in discussing my idea to her and she assured me that there was nothing that this company couldn't do to help me in, the manufacturing,protecting,patenting,marketing,and distribution of this revolutionary male enhancing garment! THIS IS THE TYPE OF PERSON EVERY COMPANY -- Wishes they had! I look forward to further discussions with her as well as future correspondance with other staff members of your company! Feel free to contact me 480-245-0052 posted on Friday, October 28, 2011

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