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-- Monday, February 14, 2011 Friendly Farms LTD reviews

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Dekalb Zoos 15534 Somonauk Rd Providing fun and entertainment for towns, cities, park districts, festivals, picnics, country clubs, promotions, since 1990. Dekalb IL Zoos Friendly Farms LTD www.friendlyfarmsltd.com chicago chicagoland illinois pony pony rides petting zoo chicago chicagoland illinois pony pony rides petting zoo Business Reviews Friendly Farms LTD Testimonials

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Friendly Farms LTD Reviews

Irka reviewed on Friendly Farms LTD

business listing rating During Christmas, Friendly Farms sets up a small petting barnyard in a town near O'Hare. Animals are left outside in the cold, blizzard weather day and night. Small open shed only big enough for a couple animals and the rest are forced to stay outside in the mud or wet snow. I called Friendly Farms to ask them to provide a larger shelter to accommodate all the animals and they hung up on me. Not very 'friendly.' CRUEL, CRUEL treatment of these poor animals. Friendly Farms only want to make money off the animals and don't care what conditions these poor farm animals are forced to endure during brutal Chicago December weather. Merry Christmas Friendly Farms - if you care, please give them a larger barn so they ALL can sleep in it. posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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