Gary Community School Corporation

Welcomt to Gary Community School Corp, we are Schools serving Gary area, IN. Visit us at 3840 Georgia St, Gary, IN, 46409-1699 viewed so far 4800 times. View Location Gary Community School Corp. schools -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Gary Community School Corp reviews

Location Address:
Gary Community School Corp
3840 Georgia St
IN 46409-1699

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Gary Community School Corp Reviews

Mrs. Gale Gipson reviewed on Gary Community School Corp

business listing rating I had an occasion to call West Side High School to request a transcript. First of all the young lady that answered the phone was talking to someone else after I had asked about the transcript. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I proceeded to ask her if she was a student, her answer, do i sound like a student. I then hung up the phone. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. And you know what parents, MY CHILDREN ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. I WILL TAKE ALL OF MY HUMAN RESOURCES TO REMOVE THEM FROM WEST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL. And if you know what I know you will too. posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014

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