Welcomt to Gerry Granite Works, we are Monuments serving Gardner area, MA. Visit us at 72 Conant St, Gardner, MA, 01440-3116 viewed so far 2803 times. View Location Gerry Granite Works. monuments -- Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Gerry Granite Works reviews

Location Address:
Gerry Granite Works
72 Conant St
MA 01440-3116

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Email: ******@gerrygranite.com
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Gerry Granite Works Reviews

Sue Collins reviewed on Gerry Granite Works

business listing rating Is this company still in business? I got a quote from him and an email confirming his price. He said I'd get a bill when engraving was done it's been 3 months, no returned emails and phone calls.....Just glad I didn't put down a deposit!!!!!!
Be leary, call Family Memorials they may be a little more $$ but they follow up on their quote and work posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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