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Comprehensive Pet Therapy Inc Reviews

Shainna Dusoe reviewed on Comprehensive Pet Therapy Inc

business listing rating This company is a ripoff !!! This is the list of what they offered online to accomplish and basically what our telephone interview went like before I enrolled my puppy into their boarding training in a trainer's home for three weeks.

Lesson plans may include:
Basic Obedience (Watch, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Walk, Heel)!
Intermediate Obedience (Improved basic performance, plus the commands Front, Stand, Stand Stay, and Finish)!
Advanced Obedience (The previous commands performed reliably and responsively off-leash amidst high distractions)!
Household manners (Housebreaking, Chewing, Barking, Jumping, Digging, Raiding trash, Stealing food, Stealing objects, Mouthing, Bolting, Cat chasing, Car behavior)!
Socialization (Getting your dog more comfortable amidst strange people, dogs, and places)!
Behavior Modification (Dominance training, Anxiety reduction, Aggression reduction, Hyperactivity reduction)!

My dog is now worse for the wear. When I showed up after three weeks, the trainer, Melissa Cate, had my pup on a pronged choke collar. It was obvious that my dog hadn't been bathed the entire time she was there. She couldn't get her to sit or lay down consistently. To make her lay down she would step on the leash which dragged my dog's head to the ground and she would roll over in submission like she was being bitten. When I argued that anyone with a pronged collar and a handful of turkey meat could accomplish what she just did, she took her off the pronged collar and my dog tried desperately to get back to me. When I asked her if she was housebroken, she said, 'yes. on a leash.' ON A LEASH!?? She even said that she was not about to let my dog have free range of her house because she wasn't going to let her mess it up. WHAT? That's why I was paying her $1470!! She tried to bully me into accepting that this was the results because my dog was a jack russell breed puppy. When I told her that I was going to videotape her to show her boss to ask him if that's what he considers passing, she refused to allow it and then offered me a deal. The deal was she would work with her for one more week and only charge me for two. I wish I would have just taken my dog back. When me and my boyfriend showed back up a week later we tried to just offer her $500 for her troubles (although we didn't need her boarded, we needed her trained since we both have traveling jobs that make it impossible to own a dog with anxiety), and she wouldn't take it. We ended up giving her the amount for training for two weeks just to be done with it. After closer inspection when we left her house, my dog has a broken tooth (probably from chewing her kennel which I've seen her do to her crate at home) and she had a broken toenail which caused her to limp. She still favors not running straight on that leg. I just tried to let her have a play date with another puppy while I went to work, and her anxiety was so high that the woman had to bring her back to me. This is NOT what I expected!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Nowhere on their website does it say they would use the pronged collar in training, but they did. Nowhere on their website does it say that certain breeds were not trainable, but that was the excuse I got from her. It's not about the money. It's the fact that my puppy was a much happier animal before I enrolled her with this company. She is definitely worse for the wear and I'm not even sure how to handle this new level of anxiety from her. Sometimes when I go to pick her up, she cowers like I am about to beat her!!! We are at a loss for what to do now.
posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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