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Welcomt to 92nd Street Elementary School, we are Schools serving Los Angeles area, CA. Visit us at 9211 Grape St, Los Angeles, CA, 90002-2598 viewed so far 5292 times. View Location 92nd Street Elementary School. schools -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 92nd Street Elementary School reviews

Location Address:
92nd Street Elementary School
9211 Grape St
Los Angeles,
CA 90002-2598

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92nd Street Elementary School Reviews

Regina Batiste reviewed on 92nd Street Elementary School

business listing rating I am Dontay Johnson Mother Regina Batiste and i am letting you know you need to check on the teacher you have in Room 43 because she is not treating the kids right in that class she is treating Dontay Johnson wrong she will not lisen to Dontay when he try to tell her something the kids be messing with Dontay of this Happen this year I will report it to the School Board in someone or the teacher will be firer for there Job. posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regina Batiste view on 92nd Street Elementary School

business listing rating And i want Dontay Johnson to be teated right just like the other kids and the class Dontay have his right to be lisen to when he need some help by the teacher of you want to call me about this you can my number is 323 535-9071 and 323 537-8839 please do something about the teacher in Room 43 miss Boyland. posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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