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Welcomt to Jennings Citrus, we are Citrus Fruit Products serving Wildwood area, FL. Visit us at 755 E State Road 44, Wildwood, FL, 34785-8404 viewed so far 2091 times. View Location Jennings Citrus. citrus fruit products -- Thursday, April 21, 2011 Jennings Citrus reviews

Location Address:
Jennings Citrus
755 E State Road 44
FL 34785-8404

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Email: *****@jenningscitrus.com
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Jennings Citrus Reviews

Raymond Silipion reviewed on Jennings Citrus

business listing rating During our travels to Central and South FL, the Wife and I had an opportunity to purchase some Pecan and Prauline Syrups from your company and we can think of only one word that truly describes the quality and flavor, Awsome!
I would recommend these syrups to anyone that enjoys a tasty treast with their pancakes and waffles. We purchase the Sugar Free variety for health reasons and the flavor was Top Notch. That is why I am visiting your site today, to purchgase more! Respectfully, Mr. Ray Silipino
posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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