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Welcomt to Huxing International Inc, we are Bearings (Wholesale) serving Walnut area, CA. Visit us at 21005 Commerce Point Dr, Walnut, CA, 91789-3052 viewed so far 5723 times. View Location Huxing International Inc. bearings wholesale -- Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Huxing International Inc reviews

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Huxing International Inc
21005 Commerce Point Dr
CA 91789-3052

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Akash Kappai reviewed on Huxing International Inc

business listing rating We would like to introduce ourselves as the leading Liaison agents in India for the supply of Aerospace, Telecom and electronic components to Government of India and defense establishments all over India.
Some of the defense establishments include ISRO, DRDO, HAL, NAL ,GTRE, LRDE, SITAR, ORDNACE, ADE, CARE, DARE, CABS, ITI AND DEBEL.
We are also regular suppliers to Indian Army, Navy and Air force.
At this point in time we have a huge tender for your products.
We would like to know if you would be interested in our company representing your products in the above mentioned defense establishments and to Government of India.

Kind regards
Best wishes
Akash Kappai
Velocity Inc
487 17th F main,
6th D cross,
6th Block,
India posted on Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sofia view on Huxing International Inc

business listing rating , however they are under new owenrs now and this has changed (as well as our own quality checks when wheels arrive to us in the UK) If you have any queries about the brand and products please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you and see how we could help. We would hate to think that one bad experience (which we personally can not explain) is going to affect your opinion of the brand. We have these very wheels in stock in the UK now and their hubs are all in order and of the higest quality. Regards, Mark from Osporto. posted on Sunday, February 10, 2013

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