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Welcomt to I 2000 Inc, we are Internet Service serving Wyoming area, MI. Visit us at 2439 Byron Center Ave SW, Wyoming, MI, 49519-2111 viewed so far 3121 times. View Location I 2000 Inc. internet service -- Friday, August 08, 2008 I 2000 Inc reviews

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I 2000 Inc
2439 Byron Center Ave SW
MI 49519-2111

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I 2000 Inc Reviews

Kshot reviewed on I 2000 Inc

business listing rating If you don't mind customer service that does not answer your calls, does not reply to emails and take forever to fix any issues, not to mention a helpdesk that lies then this company will be fine. We were with I2K for 4 years, basically the only service availble in our location, until recently. Getting any type of response from them on any question or issue is near impossible. Even when I canceled the service and they called back to inform me I had to return the equipment and I raised questions about that the person handling the call asked if I would like to talk to the wireless manager, 'sure' I said. Waited a couple minutes on hold and got the usual 'he is really busy right now' BAH. Typical customer service from this company. Long and short, the service when up works, maybe slightly faster than dial up, at best. If you have any other choice go with it instead of this company. I would rate them below 1 if it was allowed. posted on Monday, April 18, 2011

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