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Altamont Co

-- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Altamont Co reviews

Location Address:
Altamont Co
901 N Church St
IL 61878-9700

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Email: ******@altamontco.com
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Altamont Co Reviews

Skyler reviewed on Altamont Co

business listing rating After looking online for custom grips for my Beretta 92, I finally came upon Altamont Company's website. After reviewing their products, I made a call on Nov. 24th and spoke with 'Doug'. I requested Silver black grips, finger grooves, with the United States Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem engraved into the grips in similar fashion to a 1911 grip featured on their website. He told me they could do it, and it would be 'One to two weeks'.
After one week, I called to check on the order. I again spoke with Doug, and was told the order was on track and it would be one more week. 10 days later, I called to inquire about my order. I was told, by Doug again, that something had gone wrong with my order and it would be ANOTHER two weeks. I felt like he was rushing me off the phone, and did not appreciate his tone.
Exactly two weeks to the day of that call, I called them and it went to their voice mail. I left a message, strongly describing my frustrations with the lack of communication, and customer service, and care about my order. I left my name and number and requested a call back. Two days later, after not hearing from them, I called, getting their voice mail again, and told them I was dissatisfied and to cancel my order immediately and that they were not authorized to charge my card for anything.
I would not recommend this company to anyone. They couldn't deliver what they promised me in the first time frame, and they didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me there was a problem. Even an email would have been appreciated and probably would have kept me as a customer. But after missing the first deadline, I would have thought that they would be extra motivated to meet the second. Not at all. posted on Saturday, January 01, 2011

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