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Welcomt to KWM Gutterman, we are Metalworking Machinery Nec (Mfrs) serving Rockdale area, IL. Visit us at 795 S Larkin Ave, Rockdale, IL, 60436-2451 viewed so far 3099 times. View Location KWM Gutterman. metalworking machinery nec mfrs -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 KWM Gutterman reviews

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KWM Gutterman
795 S Larkin Ave
IL 60436-2451

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Pippa reviewed on KWM Gutterman

business listing rating Don't buy GutterclusterBuster (It's advertised on this group of YouTube gutetr cleaning hints. It does not work except on only a small fraction of gutetrs.) If you send a negative comment it's not published on their Youtube site. This contraption is overpriced and worse of all doesn't do the job. In their demo they created perfect conditions such as dry leaves,nice open gutetr etc. It will not clear downspouts (most important). Their claims of functionability are false and misleading. posted on Sunday, August 26, 2012

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