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Welcomt to Krist Photography, we are Photographers-Portrait serving Machesney Park area, IL. Visit us at 623 Poppy Dr, Machesney Park, IL, 61115-1559 viewed so far 2450 times. View Location Krist Photography. photographers portrait -- Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Krist Photography reviews

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Krist Photography
623 Poppy Dr
Machesney Park,
IL 61115-1559

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Khiee reviewed on Krist Photography

business listing rating Disclaimers: 1. I do know Neil van Niekerk 2. I use very little flash I've known Mr. Niekerk for more than a few years and there are few orotpghaphers for whom I have as much respect, personally or professionally. While I am known for my available light work I do consider a mastery of light, be it available or supplemental, to be crucial for the production of great images. Mr. Williams states, eloquently, in his foreword that we live in the age of the quick-fix during which period it really does seem to be de rigueur to eschew knowledge and learning. If you recognize that flash is your weak point, or if you desire to improve your lighting skills and knowledge then I suggest that this book should not only be on your purchase list, at the top , but also that you do spend the time reading, practicing and understanding the techniques and concepts presented in it, paying particular attention to Mr. van Niekerk's statement regarding manual exposure; You decide. Not the camera. This is of key importance and is often overlooked or neglected The book itself is very well written, using precise, unambiguous language leaving little, if any, room for misunderstanding. The chapter subjects are comprehensive. The diagrams are clear and concise and each and every photograph in the book illustrates its point very clearly. My only issue with the foreword is that Mr. William's statement this is a fantastic book is that it is not in bold print! It is indeed a fantastic book. It's not a quick fix, I don't believe it was ever intended to be one. It does require reading and practice, after all practice does make perfect! George Weir posted on Sunday, March 04, 2012

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