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-- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Angie Ray Ministries reviews

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Angie Ray Ministries
4343 211th St
IL 60443-2456

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Angie Ray Ministries Reviews

Brother: Sumo Walubah reviewed on Angie Ray Ministries

business listing rating I watch your service you are true woman of GOD. when you preach the HOLY GHOST fall.I rate your website 100 ++++% pray for me to stay in the will of GOD. Iam a born again follower of our LORD JESUS CHRIST since 2005.iam striving to live a sancitify and holy live.may GOD bless you and your ministry to continues the work and will of GOD.God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble (psalm 46:1) posted on Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Muriel Murphy view on Angie Ray Ministries

business listing rating
I,really and truly; view and know 4 a FACT, that The Angie Ray Ministries. Is so pure and has much integrity, it's the REAL deal a 1000 percent and some. I, have never seen or been in a CONGRATION/around a group people. who LOVE the LORD WILLING,and are much EXCITED, MOTIVATED, and and RADICAL as ARM. They are so POWERFUL, so SERIOUS AUTHANTIC in PRAISE and WORSHIP. WOW!!! it's nothing that I, have seen nor EXPERIENCED in my LIFE before. I'm speaking of FACT not that of what someone has told me of. The MORE you get the MORE you want, ur SPIRIT and SOUL just LONG 4 it even the more MORE and MORE, You can't every get enough WOW!!!! It's just what I, NEED and I, can't find it anywhere else. No matter how I've tried,or where I, go there's nothing like. To describe it or try 2 explain, dosen't do it any justice. You have 2 EXPERIENCE it 4 urself.They are TRULY God sent,as well as HIGHLY OBENDENT,2 the VOICE and SPIRIT of The LORD. You can't find that type of LOVE or REALATIONSHIP like than in 2 many places. You have 2 be SOLD- out 2 Jesus; just as well as SOUL out. I, haven't had a/ tge change 2 rate The Business/service; but Iam sure get speaks 4 itself as well.... very highy posted on Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sandra Caldwell says Angie Ray Ministries

business listing rating I had the privilege of meeting Pastor Kim and Psalmist Tanya Ray in Cracker Barrel this past tuesday. We greeted each other so warmly as the bible says. Please remember me in prayer. Missionary Sandra Caldwell of St. Luke Cogic. Chicago, Illinois. posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sandra Caldwell blogged on Angie Ray Ministries

business listing rating My Godmother and I faithfully watch a Time of INtercession. If one misses it we tell the other what the message was for the day. I thank God for the Ray Family and the legacy they keeping alive from the one and only Dr. Angie Ray. posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elsy talks about Angie Ray Ministries

business listing rating Dr. Olukoya,My family and I got to see you and be in the preecnse of you Daddy GO, in Chicago and it was wonderful. Will you pray for my nephew Antreal Allen star. He was the starting corner back and got named to the ESPN Watch List. Antreal is invited to attend the ARMY ALL AMERICAN FOOTBAL COMBINE IN SAN ANTONIO ,TEXAS like he asked in his prayer request. The coaches moved him and has tried to make him look like a lost person on the football field. The coaches wants him to beg them to let him play like the others boys do. I want you to make the coaches put him back at his starting position and let him get 3 interceptions and 3 touch downs to Glorify God and the shut the mouth of those picking at him and us. Pray for the Auburn High School 6A Football Team to win the 6A Championship and Antreal to be the MVP. The high school will play their toughest competition MCGill-Toolen Catholic High in Mobile , Al. this friday night the November 16, 2012. Antreal will take his ACT in December 2, 2012 and pray that he makes a 30 onthe test. January 2-6, 2013, he goes to compete in the Army All American Bowl Combine. Please pray for him to have the fastest time in the 40 yard dash of 4.2. and be named the #1 Corner Back and be #1 in the nation while at this combine.Please pray for Antreal his ( Mother and 1/2 sisters that are doing witchcraft to him at night when he sleeps an he wakes up looking so mixed up in the morning). Pray in the spirit to destroy them all from his Mother's house and Father's house. Please pray for me (yolunda) to lose 215 pounds quickly, so my feet and ankeles will stop swelling. Pray for my job the people are trying to set me up and are always bothering me. this lady from our home town is trying to take my mother s land and we need this to end forever and never surface again. I need to be able to have the credit score and money to purchase my nephew a car by Dec 1,2012. all of the parents black and white are black balling my mother and me and doing witchcraft and picking at us. Bring Shame and Disgrace on them permanently and change POWER back in to the hands of GOD's CHILDREN forever. May God Bless you and your family and all MFM MINISTRIES IN THE WORLD. posted on Saturday, April 13, 2013

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