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Anastasia Confections
10905 Satellite Blvd
FL 32837-8402

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Orlando Candy and Confectionery Manufacturers 10905 Satellite Blvd Anastasia Confections, Inc. manufactures of Florida's favorite candies. Try our famous Coconut Patties and Delicious Salt Water Taffy. Orlando FL Candy and Confectionery Manufacturers Anastasia Confections your keywords goes here your keywords goes here Business Reviews Anastasia Confections Testimonials

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Anastasia Confections Reviews

Annabel Grey reviewed on Anastasia Confections

business listing rating Friends brought me a box of Key Lime Coconut Patties as a gift on their return from the USA. They are absolutely delicious and I need to know if I can buy them anywhere in the UK? I do hope you have a UK distributor.

Thank you for such a wonderful taste experience
Annabel Grey posted on Monday, May 09, 2011

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