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Welcomt to Sogo Bakery, we are Bakers-Retail serving San Jose area, CA. Visit us at 1600 S DE Anza Blvd # 10, San Jose, CA, 95129-4667 viewed so far 2085 times. View Location Sogo Bakery. bakers retail -- Saturday, February 16, 2008 Sogo Bakery reviews

Location Address:
Sogo Bakery
1600 S DE Anza Blvd # 10
San Jose,
CA 95129-4667

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Geraldine Dong reviewed on Sogo Bakery

business listing rating Do you carry the large jar of Sogo sweet rice cakes? They are assorted; red bean, strawberry and mango? I haven't been able to locate them again. Please let me know the price of the jar of sweet rice cakes (Japanese style Mochi) I would lilke to order a few jars. Thanks! posted on Thursday, January 13, 2011

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