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Welcomt to W W Norton and Co Inc, we are Publishers-Book serving New York area, NY. Visit us at 500 5th Ave # 6, New York, NY, 10110-0054 viewed so far 2577 times. View Location W W Norton and Co Inc. publishers book -- Wednesday, April 08, 2009 W W Norton and Co Inc reviews

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NY 10110-0054

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W W Norton and Co Inc Reviews

Derek Little reviewed on W W Norton and Co Inc

business listing rating Obtained Terri Apter's book ' You Don't Really Know Me ' from our local library. However the problem we have is with our daughter who is 30 years old. Until approx. 2/3 yrs. ago we got on well, then quite suddenly everything we did or did not do was wrong. She hasnt spoken to us for nearly 18 months, and her present whereabouts are unknown. Are there any books similar to the above that we could read? Derek Little, Ilkeston, England posted on Thursday, February 10, 2011

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