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HUNTINGDON VALLEY Telemarketing Services 3103 PHILMONT AVE SINCE 1996,Chiroleads.com has generated more than 500,000 active Chiropractic patients in most of the 50 states. They have implemented a new patient strategy marketing program for Chiropractors and their practices. Chiroleads.com are able to evaluate and qualify each potential patient that is contacted to make sure the person would be a good fit for your practice. They only schedule those people that have a chief complaint that fits within the scope of Chiropractic (i.e. back pain, neck pain,migraines,sciatica etc) and also have Chiropractic benefits within their current health insurance plan HMO,PPO,QPOS. If you are an out -of-network provider for most plans, you will definitely benefit, as they will only schedule those that have out of network Chiropractic benefits. If you are an in-network provider they will schedule those that have in-network and out of network Chiropractic benefits. Chiroleads.com has customized marketing plans based on certain conditions are currently available, example (Cold Laser Therapy for Carpal Tunnel, Smoking Cessation, DX9000 for herniated disc, Nutritional Analysis for Obesity etc).


As part of spreading public awareness of Chiropractic as a compliment or alternative to conventional medical care, Chiroleads.com is offering a special promotion to Chiropractors of new or established practices a chance to experience the benefits of qualified new patient marketing. For a limited time they have decreased the amount of marketing dollars that are needed to spend to acquire new patients and they are passing the savings on to you. Please call for details and to see if your practic areas zip code is still available for this new program, as Chiroleads.com is an exclusive marketing program for one Chiropractor per zip code or zip code block. Chiroleads.com can be reached at their Corporate Headquarters toll-free at 866-573-3763 for additional information and ask for new patient services, or visit them on the web @ www.chiroleads.com . I am sure they can help with your new patient marketing needs. Evaluation programs starting at $925.00. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and help those that want and need it.

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chiroleads Reviews

Don Hoyt reviewed on chiroleads

business listing rating We entered into an agreement with Chiroleads/North East Management Network in the spring of 2009. We prepaid for 25 new patients. In the last 2 years they've delivered 3 new patients, and no new patients in well over a year. Now they don't answer the phone, answer voicemails or respond to faxes or emails. I've left over a dozen voicemails with no response. If you want to give your money to a company who scams legitimate chiropractic offices, by all means, do business with Chiroleads / North East Management Network. I repeat, they are scammers who will take your money and not deliver what they've promised. You've been warned. posted on Friday, February 18, 2011

Dr Dennis view on chiroleads

business listing rating I am Dr Dennis kogut. I have been scammed by chiroleads also My phone is 305-978-7680 Please call Warning all chiropractors and any other industries they claim to telemarket for. posted on Friday, May 13, 2011

Dr. W says chiroleads

business listing rating They have been faxing my office on and off for some time now. We have a stack of recent faxes sent AFTER we 'called to be removed from their special list'. We never asked to be on their list in the first place and are on the DNC/DNF lists. I have called personally and spoken to 'Stewart' and 'Gary Seal' as well as someone I suspect is 'Dr. Marx' and each time they have agreed to take us off their ridiculous fax list. Today we received the ninth (9) unwanted fax from these people and I am filing a complaint with the FCC AND a lawsuit. Completely reprehensible business practices at North East Management Network. posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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