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Welcomt to Cole and Reed, we are Accountants serving Oklahoma City area, OK. Visit us at 531 Couch Dr # 200, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102-2251 viewed so far 3072 times. View Location Cole and Reed. accountants -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Cole and Reed reviews

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Cole and Reed
531 Couch Dr # 200
Oklahoma City,
OK 73102-2251

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business listing rating Nightmare experience. We used this company last year(2011 taxes) to file our personal taxes. Only late we find out that it was never done even if they told they did. In November we received letter from IRS that we heave not paid our taxed. I even personally stop and Cole and Reed office day before tax date to give them check but I was assured that we do not owe any money to IRS. Cole and Reed was very timely about sending us invoice for doing our taxes which they never did. Do not use this company. They will take you money and cost you lot of time and headache. posted on Monday, November 05, 2012

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