B. Reitman Blacktop Inc.

Welcomt to B Reitman Blacktop Inc, we are Paving Contractors serving Huntington Sta area, NY. Visit us at 121 W 21st St, Huntington Sta, NY, 11746-3150 viewed so far 3566 times. View Location B Reitman Blacktop Inc. paving contractors -- Monday, December 29, 2008 B Reitman Blacktop Inc reviews

Location Address:
B Reitman Blacktop Inc
121 W 21st St
Huntington Sta,
NY 11746-3150

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Email: *****************@aol.com
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B Reitman Blacktop Inc Reviews

Bonnie Engelson reviewed on B Reitman Blacktop Inc

business listing rating I just wanted to let you know that I tell every single person i meet, all my friends and neighbors,on facebook, everywhere i go how horrible a company you are. I reported you to the better business bureau, the attorney general, town of huntingon, town of oyster bay and anyone else i can think of.You have not heard from me lately after about 50 calls, and i of course have not heard from you. I just wanted to let you know you have made yet another enemy and i will not stop telling everyone about your pathetic customer service, which included screaming and hanging up on your customers, your terrible work, your not showing up, your ruining walkways with tar and not fixing anything. posted on Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lfow view on B Reitman Blacktop Inc

business listing rating have used Reitman for years with decent service. However this year i had them come to seal cracks on my driveway. The worker showed up and said the job was done i paid in cash and he left. I inspected the work to see that it wasn't done. I called the company they said they would be back out to fix it. The worker came again and said there was too much to do alone. I called the office literally for 3 weeks straight twice a day, each time i was told that they would be there the next day and never showed. I told them that i would sue them if this was not resolved or if they did not return my money. After acknowledging that the work was not complete they stopped returning calls and never showed up. I started a lawsuit in our local court to which they did not show up at. I have done a search on the County website and they have over 90 judgments filed against them based on their service. posted on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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