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Welcomt to Computer Builders Warehouse, we are Computer and Equipment Dealers serving Shelby Twp area, MI. Visit us at 45179 Market St, Shelby Twp, MI, 48315-6221 viewed so far 2091 times. View Location Computer Builders Warehouse. computer and equipment dealers -- Sunday, June 01, 2008 Computer Builders Warehouse reviews

Location Address:
Computer Builders Warehouse
45179 Market St
Shelby Twp,
MI 48315-6221

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Ilana reviewed on Computer Builders Warehouse

business listing rating Dear Koka,Sabay will release the Rule of Comment soon ,then you will see carelly that avoid using bad words is also the point. Actually, we don't really want to even edit or delete your word and comments, however, we have to think about the Morality since there are many people see those comments.Sabay hope that you can understand this issue.Respectfully,Comment Room posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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