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Welcomt to Satterfield and Pontikes Contr, we are Contractors serving Wellington area, FL. Visit us at 3665 120th Ave S, Wellington, FL, 33414-8745 viewed so far 2672 times. View Location Satterfield and Pontikes Contr. contractors -- Monday, February 16, 2009 Satterfield and Pontikes Contr reviews

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Satterfield and Pontikes Contr
3665 120th Ave S
FL 33414-8745

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Satterfield and Pontikes Contr Reviews

Anthony Alvarez reviewed on Satterfield and Pontikes Contr

business listing rating Be prepared to be paid very sloooowwww! They are about net 60 even when owners pay them net 30! Forget about retainage because by the time you get that it will be 18-24 months after the job has been turned over to the owner. They sit on money and are very unorganized. They have horrible PM's and Supers who are constantly looking to nail subs and very seldom take responsibility for their own errors. They get a C- but if you are a tough sub you should be able to fight out a job till you get paid. posted on Wednesday, January 04, 2012

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