Seneca Caverns, Ohio

Welcomt to Seneca Caverns, we are Amusement Places serving Bellevue area, OH. Visit us at 15248 Township Road 178, Bellevue, OH, 44811-9307 viewed so far 2298 times. View Location Seneca Caverns. amusement places -- Friday, August 08, 2008 Seneca Caverns reviews

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Seneca Caverns
15248 Township Road 178
OH 44811-9307

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Seneca Caverns Reviews

Paul reviewed on Seneca Caverns

business listing rating Due to the recent (spring 2011) heavy rains, the Seneca Caverns are flooded. Although the staff attempts to put a positive spin on seeing the flooded caverns, a historical 30 year event, there is nothing to see. Only the first two of seven levels of the caverns are accessible; the third through seventh levels are filled with water. Current tours are of the first two levels with groups of four being taken a short distance beyond level two to see the top of the flooded third level, which is like viewing a flooded cellar. Although a two dollar discount is offered on admission ($12 from $14 for adults) and a 'free' six dollar bag of dirt is provided for gem stone mining, it is not worth the price of admission at this time. According to the tour guide, Emily, the caverns are not expected to dry out until August 2011. If planning to tour the Seneca Caverns this summer, visitors would be advised to call ahead to learn the current extent of the flooding and how many levels are available for viewing. posted on Sunday, May 29, 2011

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