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Charlotte Business Cards Manufacturers 3141 Piper Lane, E-1877 Air knife is one of the handiest tools used in various industry sectors including food packaging, in compressors and air-operated machineries, for spot cooling and maintenance etc. STREAMTEK Air Knives for Drying, Air Knife provide Amplified Air Blow-off. Compressed air operated air knives are energy saving and reduces maintenance cost and used for largely cooling or drying purpose. Charlotte NC Business Cards Manufacturers Streamtek Corp. air knife air knives vortex tube air knife air knives vortex tube Business Reviews Streamtek Corp. Testimonials

Air Knife, Air Knives, Vortex Tube

Streamtek Corp. Reviews

Nick Davidson reviewed on Streamtek Corp.

business listing rating I spent $780 on a vortex tube. And paid an extra $75 for overnight shipping on monday june 13 2015. Monday night a send an e-mail to the company and ask if I can expect it Wednesday, And I get no reply. Wednesday comes I.e-mail again this time slightly peturbed because I paid so.much for overnight shipping. No reply again so I give it a few more days. Still expecting it every day. Till Saturday. When it still hasnt arrived I decide to call and they answerand tell me the order just wend through and itll ship out the next business day and refund my shipping itll be here Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon and still no sign. I call again and im told it was shipped and should be there. ,'theyll check into it and call me back' after 3 hours of nothing I decide to call again. No answer. 7 more calls go unanswered. So I call from my hotel phone (different area code) and Thethey answer first time. I asked whats happening and they reply they haven't got a response from the shipping company yet and they'll e-mail me when they do in an hour. And of course no they didn't. its now Wednesday june 22 and no package. Ive called over 2 dozen times today and left 8 messages and 4 e-mails and they wont answer. posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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