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Tony Mcclendon reviewed on Window Concepts

business listing rating The sales experience was fake. Brian was a stereotypical sales person. He was easy to see through and pretended to be my best friend in the world. The salesperson was clearly trying too hard, leaving me to feel that he was trying to sell me a car in my kitchen.

Once the contract was signed, Brian was impossible to reach. There were delays and he never followed-up. We had also agreed that his team would do some additional work (minor electrical) and that they'd contact us to let us know what we needed to provide in advance. The contact never occurred, resulting in my cancelling that portion of the contract.

Once they got around to the installation, they installed 14 windows and 4 skylights. Three of the skylights were installed in the family room, on a sloped roof. From the exterior it is clear that they replaced some of the shingles around the window. Just recently I noticed a water-mark on the ceiling and cracked drywall. These marks were not there prior to their work.

In bringing this up with the owner, Bob Domeq, I was told a fabricated story that his installer had allegedly told me at the time of installation that my roof was in bad shape. That conversation between me and the installer never occurred. I believe they are using that as a premise to distance themselves from the liability they created.

Further, they damaged a tree in the front yard while installing windows behind it. To this day, the owner continues to insist they only broke a branch 'no bigger than my finger' (Bob's words). Begrudgingly he paid me $250 for the damage. I believe he is now avoiding liability on the roof/skylight because he already had to pay for the damage his team did to my tree. Repeatedly I was told by Bob (owner) and Brian (sales) that their installation team was top notch. Clearly not.
posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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