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Welcomt to Northgate Chrysler Jeep, we are Automobile Dealers-New Cars serving Cincinnati area, OH. Visit us at 8536 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45251-2914 viewed so far 2137 times. View Location Northgate Chrysler Jeep. automobile dealers new cars -- Wednesday, August 05, 2009 Northgate Chrysler Jeep reviews

Location Address:
Northgate Chrysler Jeep
8536 Colerain Ave
OH 45251-2914

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Northgate Chrysler Jeep Reviews

Benita Hardy reviewed on Northgate Chrysler Jeep

business listing rating On Thursday September 29,2011 I had my dodge nitro serviced at the northgate chrysler for a driver side rear tire inspection because of a recurring low tire pressure,and I was told I needed to replace the driver rear tire sensor,ok find 143.77 in cost the next day low tire pressure indicator light is on,October 3,2011 appointment to recheck the tire and I am told there is a tiny pin hole in side wall of tire and the tire should be replaced or plugged for twenty dollars, my question is why didn't they find the pin hole in the beginning instead of adding up charges,now if a replacement tire is what was needed in the beginning,could have saved me a second trip there and that 143 dollars and 77 cents could have been applied towards another tire instead I feel like I have been had. My business will be else where from now on...... POOR SERVICE posted on Monday, October 03, 2011

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