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CA 93277-2834

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Visalia Bronze Manufacturers 401 E Cypress Ave Andevan Bronzeworks has cast fine bronze sculptures in our own bronze art foundry in Burbank since 1974. For artists, we offer complete custom bronze foundry casting services for your statues and other bronze artworks. We carry the following bronzes: Remington, Moigniez, Moreau, Chiparus, Rembrandt Bugatti, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, male nude sculpture, female nudesmale nude statue, male nude bronze, male erotic sculpture, male erotic statue, male and female erotic bronze, gay sculpture. Visalia CA Bronze Manufacturers EMI andlt;meta name=andquot;verify-v1andquot; content=andquot;VIzjnx6m2mqjrFG8STDlQy0eXrGRJ0aNJRpnw7jOZRg=andquot; />

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Terrill Johnson reviewed on EMI

business listing rating Have you ever done a bronze of Bonheur's Bull and Bear ? I have one and the mark on it is Bonheur 1900 and on the back is a mark like a O or a trademark and then EMI 1989. posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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