Welcomt to Bard Manufacturing Co, we are Geothermal Htg/Cooling Equip/Systs-Mfrs serving Bryan area, OH. Visit us at 1914 Randolph Dr, Bryan, OH, 43506-2253 viewed so far 3234 times. View Location Bard Manufacturing Co. geothermal htgcooling equipsysts mfrs -- Sunday, October 31, 2010 Bard Manufacturing Co reviews

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Bard Manufacturing Co Reviews

Gerald Jakubowski reviewed on Bard Manufacturing Co

business listing rating We purchase a Bard wall mounted 2 ton air conditioner and heating unit 3 years ago. This unit was installed in Venice Fl. I just had a service call done as the unit was not cooling. Here is what they found, again this unit is only 3 years old.
The evaporator is leaking and must be replaced, also the accummlutor is rusted out and also must be replaced. These units are still under warranty so there is no charge for getting the new parts except Bard charges $50 to process the paper work for the parts and $50 to ship the parts. Along with the charges for labor and freon we are lookin at approximately $1000 to have this unit fixed.
Three years old, good luck if any one ever decides to purchase a unit from Bard.
posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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