Welcomt to XYZ Two Way Radio Svc, we are Limousine Service serving Brooklyn area, NY. Visit us at 275 20th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11215-6307 viewed so far 2531 times. View Location XYZ Two Way Radio Svc. limousine service -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 XYZ Two Way Radio Svc reviews

Location Address:
XYZ Two Way Radio Svc
275 20th St
NY 11215-6307

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Email: **********@xyzcar.com
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XYZ Two Way Radio Svc Reviews

Dan reviewed on XYZ Two Way Radio Svc

business listing rating THIEVES!!!! Watch out. Do NOT use these guys. They do not quote accurately, they will show up early to the airport so they can charge you wait times they never even explained. They also will misquote the prices and additional hidden fees.

Better going with a reputable car service that is honest about its fees. posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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