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Hilgerts Farm and Market

Welcomt to Hilgerts Farm and Market, we are Fruits and Vegetables and Produce-Retail serving Mogadore area, OH. Visit us at 3431 Waterloo Rd, Mogadore, OH, 44260-9405 viewed so far 3268 times. View Location Hilgerts Farm and Market. fruits and vegetables and produce retail -- Sunday, June 01, 2008 Hilgerts Farm and Market reviews

Location Address:
Hilgerts Farm and Market
3431 Waterloo Rd
OH 44260-9405

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Email: *****@hilgerts.com
Categories: Fruits and Vegetables and Produce-Retail [more businesses in Fruits and Vegetables and Produce-Retail]

Hilgerts Farm and Market Reviews

Holly Simons reviewed on Hilgerts Farm and Market

business listing rating I picked fuit during their ripe season, while attending KSU.
I now return to the farm, choosing Higerts, to pick their sweet, juicy, OHIO grown produce!
YUM, YUM! posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011

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